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Relax Now You Owe Yourself This Moment

Carlisle Dental Hygiene taking care of you and your smile


As of 2007 Registered Dental Hygienists are able to practice independently. Don’t put off your dental care, having a healthy mouth is necessary for a healthy body! Registered Dental Hygienist are prevention specialists!

Many people have anxiety related to dentistry and avoid going to a traditional office. At Carlisle Dental Hygiene you will be able to enjoy the spa like feel where you can relax at your appointment rather than stress. 

Lower fees – We follow the ODHA fee guide which is 10%-30% lower than the Canadian Dental Association fee guide. For those who don’t have benefits this is a cost savings. For those who do, we accept all forms of benefits and can submit claims electronically on your behalf.

Exceptional customer service and experience – No waiting weeks to make a cleaning appointment. No waiting times the day of your appointment. No waiting times the day of your personal appointment that never overlaps with others.

Convenient flexible hours –  If you don’t see a time that will work for you call me and I will make one! Located in the heart of Carlisle with plenty of parking.

Customized treatment plans and home care for each client – I have more time to invest into your individual needs. You will receive better education on preventive oral health. Seeing the same hygienist means thoroughness, attention to detail and consistency. This also doesn’t mean you have to break up with your dentist! They are an essential part of your oral care team. You will still need examinations and x-rays when necessary. I can help guide you towards those needs and referrals are also available.


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